about us

When Tommy, my first born, came into the world after many years of waiting, the mother in me was born as well.
I wanted to nurture, provide, protect and envelop.
I discovered a kind of love I had never felt before. Boundless love.

Our home filled up with products. I wanted only the best for my son.
And so, gradually, while experiencing motherhood and learning my Tommy, “Tommy Luv” came to be.
Everything he and I loved – I developed. What made him happy – I expanded, and what he didn’t know – I simply invented for the both of us.
At that same time, a Father was born, who suddenly started to express his feelings through drawings. From long, short, round and sharp lines, he created geometric shapes which I developed and integrated into my products.
They’re created with love and all the qualities that I required for my son. Our products are long-lasting, soft, natural and simple – like Tommy.
Tommy created a family for us and “Tommy Luv” is our family’s creation.
What Tommy means to me, I want Tommy Luv to mean to you.

With love,

Aviabout us